How can I verify my own, or someone else's, MECP Credentials?

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It's super easy to verify anyone's MECP certification status! Simply navigate to our Verification page and type in a few letters of their first or last name (at least three letters are required) to search. MECP ID numbers are not required for a search, so you can look anyone's credentials at any time.

The MECP Verification page is real-time. If someone does not appear in the search, they do not have any credentials through us. If they show up, but they have different credentials than stated, you should ask them to prove it. The only legitimate proof is through our verification tool!

If you are looking up your own credentials, and you think you see an error or have recently passed a course or renewed but it does not show, simply email our team at [email protected]. It may be that you have not completed a prerequisite, completed your recertification exam to complete your renewal, or your exam was flagged for a manual review. In any case, we will investigate and either guide you or get you fixed up right away!

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